Suchit Nanda Photography
Jayashree Acharya was formally trained in Kathak dance by Shri Sant Gopal Mishra in Ayodhya and has studied under Guru Smt Reba Vidyarthi and legendary Master Padmavibhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj. Jayashree has taught and performed Kathak in London as well as in various cities and venues across Europe for over the 10 years and in 2004 and set up her school in Gurgaon.<br />
<br />
Khajuraho Dance Festival 20th Feb'17. Colorful and brilliant classical dance forms of India with roots in the rich cultural traditions offer a feast for the eyes during a weeklong extravaganza. Khajuraho Temples in Madhya Pradesh are popular for their architectural wonders and sculptures.
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