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Naadi Shashtra or Palm leaf Astrology is an ancient Indian method of recording data. It is believed that by reading through the writings on these leaves one can learn about one's past, identify the present and predict the future. It is said that thousands of years ago, the great sages of India had the power to look into the past and future of the entire universe. It is believed that they done this and recorded the life of each human being who has lived, is living and of some one who is yet to be born. These predictions were written on palm leaves in an ancient Tamil script, which can now only be deciphered by expert Nadi astrologers.

Naadi in Tamil means in search of. It is believed that an individual goes in search of his details of his past and seeks to know more of the unknown future. Hence it is a search. These palm leaf inscriptions are scattered throughout India. Some of these inscriptions can be found in Tamil Nadu. These ancient scripts were standardized, ordered and classified in Tamil Nadu nearly 1000 years ago during the reign of the Cholas in South India. There are a number of Nadis who are named after the rishis. They are the Agasthiya Naadi, Suka Naadi, Brahma Naadi, Kaushika Naadi and others. There are only a few Naadi readers available who can interpret the inscriptions that are written in in poetic Tamil.

Each Naadi or set of leaves is made up of ola or palm leaf, written in Vatta ezhuthu, a Tamil script, with a sharp, nail-like instrument called ezhuthani. Rubbing peacock oil on auspicious occasions preserves the palm leaves. These palm leaves are still preserved in the Saraswati Mahal Library in Thanjavur. The primary centre for Naadi Shastra is in Vaitheeswaran Koil.

The palm leaf inscription of an individual can be identified as being meant for the person by lifting a copy of one’s thumb impression. It is well known that the whirls and loops of the fingers of people on the earth are unique and they cannot be replicated. It is believed th

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