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Sri Subramaniar Swamy Devasthanam. The Batu Caves is a limestone hill which has a series of caves and hindu cave temples. One has to climb steep flights of 272 steps to reach the top. Batu caves is located in Gombak district which is just over 10 kms north of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The caves take their name from the Sungai Batu or Batu River, which flows past the hill. The cave is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India, dedicated to Lord Muruga. It is the focal point of the annual Thaipusam festival and attracts many pilgrims.

Batu Caves is a famous tourist destination. Thaipusam festival celebrated here attracts many devotees and spectators who come to watch devotees in a trance carrying kavadi (a metal frame attached to the body). At the base of the steps leading to the caves are nice vegetarian food places.

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