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  • salaijayaraman

    on June 21, 2007

    as usual good colour pictures with useful information. it gives pleasure to see running water.

    how do you manage to bring out the colours so nicely ? any PP work?

    like the rich blue.



  • Image

    on June 21, 2007

    Hello Suchit, I did look at your Bio, so when I see these pictures, I can see where those come from .

    I am always amazed by your portrayal of Indian way of life - especially the portraits. They are always top notch.

    Carry on with the good work.


  • satchmo

    on June 21, 2007

    all very nice captures....
    nice colors and i like the way the leaves are arching to the right


  • Shaju_Nair

    on June 21, 2007

    Nice Shots..

  • leosaju

    on June 21, 2007

    Stunning images and a nice write-up...nothing more to say!!!
    TFS and keep sharing...


  • haraprasan

    on June 21, 2007

    Nice captures Suchit. You make ordinary things look great. gosh we are so poor. Thanks for sharing.

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