Majority World's fifth Set - suchitnanda

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Small copper/brass vessels being sold in the street shops. These vessels are used to lift off small quantities of water to pour as a form of prayer. The vessels are taken back as a form of blessed item.

Kumbh Mela is the biggest religious gatherings on the planet which takes places on the banks of the river Ganga. The number of pilgrims this year is expected to exceed around five million since the first day Jan 14 till the time it concludes on April 28, 2010. The auspicious days of the shahi snan or royal baths usually draw hundreds of thousands of devotees to the Har Ki Paudi and other banks of the river. Uttarakhand. North India. The occasion draws pilgrims from around the world and severly overloads the infrastructure so most of the city is shut down for any vehicles other than security or emergency services so a sea of humanity walks through the city to get to the bathing ghats.

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