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  • Roopal

    on April 7, 2010

    Very colorful pictures. The first picture speaks of India -traditional & modern- Great!

  • Praveer

    on April 7, 2010



  • Sanjut

    on April 7, 2010

    Fantastic photographs Suchit!! Spirit of festival can be felt....

  • Arijit

    on April 7, 2010

    Beautiful work as usual. .... :o
    I am planning to visit varsana next year in holi.

  • Ashim

    on April 7, 2010

    Nice work, in your style :-)

  • Udayan

    on April 7, 2010

    Suchit. Loved them all. Brings out the spirit of the festival. #1 could be a magazine cover.



  • Toofan

    on April 7, 2010

    Good Images. I liked 1st.

    how you dared to take you camera out in Holi. :o

    Nice daring.

  • I Putu Arya Sentanoe

    on April 7, 2010

    your picture was really interesting, but I think you're choosing a place safe from throwing flour color, so the object becomes less close-ups. maybe it's better like that than your camera becomes dirty and damaged ^^

  • Bobby

    on April 7, 2010

    So I guess your D300 survived unscathed? :)

  • Anu Bhandari

    on April 7, 2010

    Colours captured beautifully


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