• Kedar Gadgil

    on March 26, 2006


    i remember vaishali EXACTLY the way she is in the snaps...this was the time i fell for her...we have had a rocking marriage for the last 8 years and lwbbs remains to this date, remembered fondly as a 'matchmaker' that got us together (at the consternation of many, no doubt, at that time:-)) but, as someone (punky?) said, i can almost hear the screeching sound of connecting and finding the welcome screen...i remember all the shortcuts, the offline express reader, all the great conversations, all the petty and profound issues we discussed, the 'connection' was instantaneous....as the t-shirt read, suchit: we were wired for life...hook, line and sinker!!! i do not know where everyone is but i am where i was...+919820079288 and kedar@gadgil.com...so, if there is a way to re-ignite some of those sparks, gimme a shout and vai and me would be there (vai is vaishali@gadgil.com, btw)...love you all


  • Anil Dalia

    on March 23, 2006

    You look like a kid!! Yes it's been almost 13 years we have known (on and off!) How is you foot doing now? Ever since my internet connection from home in 1990 when Dr. Jarmarwala came to our house, I have met a lot interesting and intelligent people over the time, mostly because of Vipul. It has been a good journey!

  • Pankaj Sapkal

    on March 23, 2006

    Damn, were those days magical or what, I don't know...
    I have been members of some really great groups, but that experience of those days with live wire (before the days morphed into the internet era) was something unparalleled and absolutely unique, and I am quite convinced that such experiences and relationships and camaraderie or whatever it was - is so very rare that it probably wont ever happen again.
    I mean, I still feel as closely connected to all the people I knew in live wire as I felt at that time, even if I may have not spoken to them for years.
    Its like a permanent connection that somehow doesnt diminish even a bit. Its permanently etched into my head as one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I feel almost as if I can just switch on my dial-up modem, click on dial, and log on, and everyone will still be there, chatting nonsense, arguing over stupid things, faffing around till early morning...like its just yesterday, with me and neville would hang around at harsh's place, and other places.

    Suchit, I don't know if you have done many great things in your life, but you can absolutely be assured that your creation of live wire and those beautiful days was one of the things that has given pure joy to so many people in such a beautiful way.

    My heartfelt thanks.

    - Pankaj

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