• Anil Dalia

    on February 18, 2012

    Nice dinner outing. I wish I could have been there! Good to see some faces I know and some of them I have talked over email.

  • Neville Bulsara

    on December 29, 2006

    Sorry to have missed this but just got back from a trip to Varanasi and Ladakh (yes, Ladakh – what with the sub-zero temperatures, it was cold enough to freeze the b***s of a brass monkey!).

    Things be as they may, trust it went well – all the best!


  • Suneel Utamchandani

    on December 29, 2006

    Dear Suchit,

    Sorry. Was unable to make it. Hope you had a nice time.



  • Jehangir

    on December 29, 2006

    So disappointed to miss this BBS meet. Reason to have another?


  • Raj Mehta

    on December 29, 2006

    Lovely photos...

    Thanks for sharing them.


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