• Suchit Nanda

    on December 1, 2008

    Thank you Uncle. Glad you liked the images so much. I'm sure you have a treasure fill of stories and experiences from the region live & vivid in your memories. Rajasthan is just so colourful place that it makes it so easy & a pleasure to photograph.

    ~ Suchit

  • Ashok Shinde

    on December 1, 2008

    Dear Suchit,

    That is a marvellous effort with your camera and the photographs of Rajasthan.
    It did evoke some of my happy memories from my memorabilia, of the time I had
    spent in Rajasthan during my Air Force service on the airfields at Jaisalmere,
    Barmer, Jodhpur, Nal, Utterlai etc. Well Rajasthan is still very beautiful with
    all its age-old traditions and the knoble hearted and brave Rajput people. I
    must congratulate you for your excellent work.

    With love & regards,

    Ashok Shinde

  • Ajai Kapur

    on August 26, 2007

    Hi Suchit,
    Fantastic collection! Just wanted to check if you could make us one puppet for the design we provide?

    Best - Ajai

  • Sharad

    on September 23, 2006

    hi suchit.ur framwork & color sense is really good. but in my view there is some lacking in ur subject placing spacially your back ground is creating problem.try to use golden points in object placing and be aware from distractive background.
    but in all U R A GOOD PHOTOARTIST.
    my well wishes......always
    Sharad Mohta,
    President, Photographic society of C.G.,
    M.I.G.-27, Sec-2, Shankar Nagar,
    Raipur 492007


  • Preet

    on August 4, 2006


  • Tina Chadha

    on April 8, 2006

    Beautiful gallery! I love your people shots. I just came back from India and I wish I had taken more pictures of the local people.

  • Sunil Pandya

    on March 27, 2006

    Your ability to capture the essence of the local architecture is matched by that of projecting the personalities of
    the local residents, especially when they are old and worn out!

    Wish you more power to your elbows.

    Sunil Pandya

  • Ibrahim Khatri

    on March 27, 2006

    Great pictures, very well composed.



  • Shishir Kapadia

    on March 27, 2006

    Hi Suchit,

    The pictures are wonderful. I do like them.

    Thanks. Do enjoy your good work.

    Shishir Kapadia

  • Vaneet Malhotra

    on March 27, 2006

    i am amazed by the clarity of the photo

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