• Suchit Nanda

    on December 1, 2008

    Thank you Uncle. Glad you liked the images so much. I'm sure you have a treasure fill of stories and experiences from the region live & vivid in your memories. Rajasthan is just so colourful place that it makes it so easy & a pleasure to photograph.

    ~ Suchit

  • Ashok Shinde

    on December 1, 2008

    Dear Suchit,

    That is a marvellous effort with your camera and the photographs of Rajasthan.
    It did evoke some of my happy memories from my memorabilia, of the time I had
    spent in Rajasthan during my Air Force service on the airfields at Jaisalmere,
    Barmer, Jodhpur, Nal, Utterlai etc. Well Rajasthan is still very beautiful with
    all its age-old traditions and the knoble hearted and brave Rajput people. I
    must congratulate you for your excellent work.

    With love & regards,

    Ashok Shinde

  • Suchit Nanda

    on November 27, 2008

    You're right. Thank you for your kind words. I was busy posting my pictures when the news started to come. At first they said some "two groups" had a gun battle between them. Not common & quite unusual but not something totally unbelievable, but then the big news started to come and the real story unfolded. This is clearly the worse Mumbai has seen. With God's grace all family and friends are fine but many life have been lost in this madness!

  • Hillary Yasmer Shemin

    on November 26, 2008

    What a glorious gallery....I feel as though I just took a journey to your part of the world. Tonight is the terrible terror attack in Mumbai and we are listening to all the news...My thoughts are with you and your countrymen that this insanity will end soon. Be safe!

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