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  • Suchit Nanda

    on April 19, 2008

    Thanks Harsh for your detailed and insightful critique.

  • Hershy

    on April 19, 2008

    Thanks for the lovely coverage. The pics brought back find memories of our visit last year.

  • Rajesh Kothari

    on April 15, 2008


    I was there in March for 3 days. It's a nice place.


  • Roopal Mehta

    on April 15, 2008

    Great pictures.


  • Karuna Abhay

    on April 15, 2008

    Hi Suchit,

    Great pics. Very impressive. I'm sooooooooooo jealous. I always wanted to tour the world and be a photographer. I think its the best.
    How are things with you.

    Take care,


  • Adarsh Singh

    on April 15, 2008

    These are good shots.

  • Prakash Advani

    on April 15, 2008

    Very nice.. LIked the crab and the panoramic sunset. :)

  • Satish Bahl

    on April 15, 2008

    If Photography is not your profession, then you are in wrong profession ( I will say that if I did not know you).

    I cannot say this thing about you as you are equally/more good in your existing profession. God bless you.


  • Alec Ee

    on April 15, 2008

    Panos are well done but perhaps a waste on Langkawi as the scenery is not as scenic as in USA or Australia with it’s blue sky.

  • Bobby Tan

    on April 15, 2008

    Blue skies .... wow, that's a rare sight in Singapore and Malaysia! Nice color and lighting on the eagle.


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